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Book Review: Ghost Walk by Brian Keene

Ghost WalkGhost Walk by Brian Keene

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Darkness knows your deepest fear. It knows your deepest secret. It wants to feed on your fear and destroy all of creation. One of The Thirteen has found a way into our world. The strongest, the deadliest, to even speak it's real name brings untold destruction. And it's waiting in Lehorn's Hollow with only Levi the former Amish, Maria the reporter and Adam who went insane from his last encounter with one of The Thirteen standing between it and the rest of everything.

This book was great. Mr. Keene totally hit it out of the park with this novel. I love the mythos he uses and how he drags in real backwoods hoodoo and how much research he puts in his books. He also tosses a bone to his long time fans with a slight reference to his other books. This book rocked.

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